Gateway, Oregon is shown in 1931.

Gateway is located about 10 miles north of Madras and is currently a quiet farming community. It did not even exist until the Deschutes Railroad arrived in Central Oregon in 1911 but rapidly grew to a thriving little community that eventually faded to only remnant old buildings that stand as a reminder of glories of the past.

The locale around Gateway was homesteaded prior to the turn of the century but consisted of scattered homestead buildings, and water was scarce. Access was limited to the vicinity, but that all changed when the Harriman interests constructed a railroad up from the Deschutes River and through the valley in 1911. A railroad station was constructed at the site, and since it did not have a name, a railroad employee, George McFarland, christened the new station “Gateway,” since it was situated at the location that the railroad emerged out of the Deschutes Canyon.